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How can I help?

We are often asked how someone can help the Stowmarket Carnival, and there are a number of ways, both practical and financial. Let’s talk practical.

For individual people, practical help can be as much or as little as you wish. For example you could join our committee as we work throughout the year to put on the Carnival itself . Or you could help out at one of the fundraising events we run, just like our recent Bingo Callers (thank you Eileen & Roger!), maybe even run your own fundraiser for us.

Perhaps you could put one of our posters up on your local noticeboard, or engage with us on Social Media – like, comment, and share our posts.

If you are a business you may offer a service we could use, or book a stall on the Recreation Ground for the Carnival weekend. If you have premises in Town maybe you could host a fundraiser for us? And if you have a shop front you will want to join our Window Spotting competition in June, where you help us raise funds while encouraging people to look at your shop window! Everybody wins.

If you would like to help us, contact us via the website or Facebook messenger.

But don’t forget that one of the every best ways to help the Carnival is to be there! Join the crowds lining the streets to cheer on the procession, join us on the Recreation Ground to enjoy the music, buy something from one of the stalls.

Enjoy your local Carnival – fun for all the family.