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How did we do, Stowmarket?

It is YOUR Carnival, and while we do our very best to do what we think you would like, we would love you to tell us what you think!

This was the first year we were able to make the entry to the Rec FREE – and we would like to thank the Mid Suffolk Council Licensing Team who helped us to sort out the changes to our licencing that would allow us to remove the fencing, and Suffolk Police who endorsed our application.

And one of the reasons we were able to make the changes was the support everyone gave us in not drinking in the kids play area, and not bringing glass bottles onto the Rec, and having fun without making trouble for anyone.

So how was it for you?

Whether you were running a stall or visiting the Rec – did the removal of the fencing work for you?

The Carnival Procession had some challenges this year, as we were not able to use the PPG car park – but our friends at Bosch Lawn & Garden came up trumps and loaned us their car park for the float building – great to see a major company supporting their local grass roots!

And as always, Stowmarket Meadlands Recreation Club provided hot breakfast rolls and drinks for the procession and provided a convivial space for people to meet up.

So, with the floats and lorries coming from the Bosch car park, and walkers and other vehicles coming from the Meadlands, it was interesting blending the two parts together. And we learned a lot from it.

How was it for you?

Whether you were in the parade or lining the streets cheering us on, how was the Procession for you?

We would love to hear your views – comment here, email us, message us, or contact us via our website.


  • Mrs Julie Clarke
    Posted 31 August 2023 at 20:53

    I was on one of the floats and had a fabulous time. I think it all worked well and maybe it worked better having them line up on the approach to the roundabout and the walkers leaving from the meadlands.
    It’s great that it was a free to enter event but maybe free car parks for the day would be something to consider approaching BMSDC about next year to bring more people into town. The other thing I would suggest (and I have no idea on cost but someone may know someone who can do a deal) is to have extra toilets set up at the meadlands, it was carnage with everyone wanting to go before they got onto floats or ready to walk etc. Had a fantastic day though and thank you

    • Kate Hastie
      Posted 29 September 2023 at 17:42

      Thank you Julie!
      Glad you had a great time, and thank you for your comments, which are very helpful.

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