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about stowmarket carnivalStowmarket Carnival 2024

Stowmarket Carnival is a wonderful family event, providing affordable fun and entertainment for local families. We are busy preparing for Carnival 2024, and it’s going to be a good one.
And just like last year, visiting the Carnival is free!

Main events will take place on the town’s Recreation Ground (the Rec) Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, with a host of entertainments, including a range of music, so the Committee hope there’s a decent mix of music for everyone to enjoy!

On Saturday there will be a Carnival procession through the town, led by the Carnival Court, with floats and walking acts. This year’s theme is Decades!  And we are looking forward to seeing the amazing costumes from Tudors to Teddy boys! 

Want to take part? Contact: if you have any questions, or download an entry form here.

On the Rec there will be craft, home bake, small business, and charity stalls, and plenty of food and drink stalls too. 

To book a stall for Carnival 2024, contact:  

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Your Reviews

Visitors Have a Great Time!

Seeing 1000’s of people coming out of their houses and coming together as a community enjoying the whole weekend together with friends and strangers.

Robert Cunningham


A great opportunity to celebrate Stowmarket, meet new people and to be a royal for a period. It is a great event which makes people happier when watching and it shows the outcome of work done by a group of hard working Carnival team. Also it can show off what’s going on in Stowmarket too.

Sophie Churchyard


Brings Stowmarket back together !!

Helen Jones


A day of fun, hopefully in the summer sun x

Melissa Williams


A time when everyone comes together, and i mean everyone , it’s the most amazing feeling , seeing everyone enjoy the parade xxx

Sharon Hawes


Fun for all the family

Karen Smith


Community Spirit

Meryl Bunce


Family time

Suzi Bloomfield


Childhood memories, families together, fun, smiles, laughs and sore feet from being in the parade marching with Stowmarket Boys’ Brigade Band.

Steph Goodwin


Summer, hot weather, bbq, outdoors fun.

Lauren Cox


Parade, floats, fun

Martin Gray


Stowmarket coming together

Bonnie Scarff Mead


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