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If you want to donate money to the Carnival directly, here is our PayPal QR code.

With rising costs all round, it takes over £20,000 to put on Stowmarket Carnival, which is run entirely by volunteers – so any help or sponsorship is always really appreciated.

Christmas Raffle

Thank you everyone who took part in our fabulous Christmas Raffle – it is an important fundraiser for us, as well as being the opportunity to win fabulous Christmas prizes!

Carnival Bingo

Our popular Carnival Bingo is now back!  We run it about once a month at the Royal British Legion on Tavern Street, Stowmarket.  


Window Spotting

Our ever-popular Window Spotting quiz will return summer 2024.

Stowmarket Carnival Cribbage

Carnival Cribbage will return summer 2024

Stowmarket Carnival Darts

Carnival Darts will return summer 2024