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Carnival street collection

Whilst Stowmarket was clapping, cheering, waving, and singing along to this year’s awesome carnival parade, people dug deep into their pockets and popped their change into the collection buckets. And we raised just over £630.

That is an amazing amount of money, and we would like to thank all the generous individuals who donated – or funded their children’s and grandchildren’s donations!

And we would also like to thank all the people who carried buckets for us – they were getting mighty heavy towards the end of the parade.

The money will go towards funding next year’s FREE Carnival, and will also enable us to make another donation to our 2023 charity, the Eastern Community Assistance Team EA-CAT, who have offered us invaluable help both in the parade and on the Recreation Ground.

So, how did you think it went? We would love to hear your views – email us, message us, or contact us via our website.